Applied Research in Science and Technology editorial advisory board members are from previously teacher-college universities. The articles sent to the Journal are always reviewed by two members of the Editorial Advisory Board (double blind peer review), and in some cases, if necessary, by another external reviewers. The decision of the article publication is depending on the evaluation reports from the members of the Editorial Advisory Board. Article evaluation process takes approximately six months. All comments from the reviewers should be taken into account seriously, otherwise the journal cannot guarantee publication of the manuscript.

Dr. Eng Farrah F. Hanum                 Scopus ID 57194565056         Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

Dr. Fajri Mulya Iresha                       Scopus ID 57201862364        Universitas Islam Indonesia

Antoni Pardede, Ph.D.                     Scopus ID  57189037115          Universitas  Islam Kalimantan

Dr. Mareli Telaumbanua                  Scopus ID 57194013218         Universitas Lampung

Dr. Rahmat Budiarto                        Scopus ID 57208797145        Universitas Padjajaran

Dr. Indah Listiana                             Scopus ID 57209289180           Universitas Lampung

Dr. R A Diana Widyastuti                 Scopus ID  57221745004          Universitas Lampung

Dr. Helvi Yanfika                               Scopus ID 57208301552            Universitas Lampung